7 the Most Unusual Board Meeting Agenda Topics

Unusual Board Meeting Agenda Topics

Board meetings are usually held to discuss the most important issues in the life of the company. Not surprisingly, board meeting agenda topics are chosen for the most important issues and generally approached with the utmost seriousness and focus. However, in the course of work, it is also necessary to find time for rest and respite, including in the preparation of the agenda. Here are a few options for unusual topics for the agenda that can help to ease the tense work environment.

What topics can be chosen for agenda-setting?

Even if you decide to choose an unusual topic for a board meeting, you should remember that this is still part of the management process and you should not overstep certain boundaries. Therefore, the topic of the agenda should take into account the company’s short- and long-term development goals. It is advisable to adhere to this principle when choosing a topic for the next meeting of the board of directors. You may choose one of our options, which will bring variety to the work of the board of directors.

What types of topics are included on an agenda: some options

To make board meetings useful and not too stressful, we offer several options for you to choose from:

  1. Fraud. This seems to be a serious topic for a conversation with the board of directors, but it may be presented in a lighter manner and turned into a training session for the participants of the meeting. To make the meeting more active, experts can be invited to talk about their own experience of fighting fraudsters, which can be used in the company.
  2. How to behave correctly in court. Many companies often face lawsuits in their work. It is not out of place for a board of directors to learn more about how to conduct themselves in court. In doing so, the form of the agenda can be less officious, so that boring information is easier to take in.
  3. What incentive systems does the company need? More often than not, the board meets to examine and evaluate performance and the root causes of mistakes. However, it would be more unusual to develop a new incentive system for company employees who put a lot of effort into developing the company.
  4. Weekend system. Modern workflow increasingly involves the practice of working remotely or reducing the number of working days per week. It is possible to make a proposal to introduce such practices in the work of your company, to personally assess the benefits of such innovation, as well as to develop your own system of days off.
  5. New industry trends. Not only is it important to take them into account when formulating your company’s strategy, but it is also important to explain these trends to your board members and employees. By reviewing them at a board meeting, it will be possible to more accurately incorporate these trends into the company’s development strategy.
  6. Creating a favorable atmosphere in the team. This agenda topic can also be used as a topic for corporate training. In doing so, you can focus on addressing issues from the point of view of the collective, rather than legal norms.
  7. Conducting corporate holidays. While working, you should not forget to relax from time to time. The topic of corporate holidays is as significant as the analysis of performance. It is important not only to be able to work, but also to appreciate the achievements of the company and its employees.

In fact, choosing a topic for the agenda often depends on the interests of the company, so think about what will be important to it now and put it on the agenda.